Energy Services

NCAT’s commercial and residential energy services team provides trusted and practical information for businesses, organizations, and homeowners to save on energy costs, reduce energy impacts, and promote resiliency. Our team contracts with businesses or government agencies to make commercial and public buildings more energy efficient. This work results in millions in energy cost savings and saves on energy resources, which is better for our planet. 

Commercial Energy Services

Residential Energy Services

Homes that are energy-efficient not only cost less to maintain and are more resilient, but are also healthier and more comfortable for residents. For nearly 50 years, NCAT’s Residential Energy Services has created trusted, practical tools and resources to help builders, homeowners, and renters better understand energy codes, energy-efficient home construction and operation, and performance testing.

NCAT’s energy team has created a group for stakeholders in Montana’s residential building industry to discuss energy code, building science, and gaps in technical assistance in effort to improve the energy efficiency, safety, and durability of Montana’s homes.

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