Commissioning and Plan Review

NCAT energy engineers can help ensure that your construction plan is as energy-efficient as possible. Our team can work with your architect, engineer, and contractor to facilitate your energy project.

We do this by first reviewing the design, and then providing feedback regarding different systems or equipment that may meet the project needs relating to energy efficiency, operating and maintenance costs, and construction costs. 

After careful review, our recommendations may include consideration of a different type of mechanical or electrical system, a modification to the planned system, or selecting more energy efficient materials. Our review typically occurs halfway through the design phase. Are you ready for construction plan review? Get in touch

Case Study

NCAT assisted a family shelter housing project to improve their design and reduce construction costs. The initial design included furnaces with economizer cooling, and NCAT provided a cost/benefit analysis of adding heat recovery ventilators.  

The results were surprising. Based on our models, the most cost-effective design included furnaces without economizers. We also counseled the building owners to change their original lighting design so that they could access an additional $1,000 in local utility rebates. In total, we’ve identified and will help facilitate $28,000 in incentives for this facility. 

Missoula YWCA Rendering