Livingston Ace Hardware

Livingston Ace Hardware Energy Audit Case Study

The Ace Hardware in Livingston, Montana, is a 13,000 ftretail building.  The store owner contacted the Montana Resource Efficiency Program (MREP) for assistance with their lighting update.  The owner wanted more and brighter energy-efficient lighting in the store.  After a lighting audit and analysis,  an MREP engineer recommended upgrading the fluorescent tube lighting to 15-watt LED tubes.  After the change-out of over 800 bulbs the owner reported a better quality of light and is very happy with the upgrade.

The overall cost of the project was $8,544.  The project qualified for $3,961 in rebates from the utility’s rebate program, bringing the net cost to $4,583.  This project will also save Ace Hardware approximately $8,900 per year in energy bills, which brings the project a simple payback of less than one year.  Here is a summary of the financial aspects of the project:

  • Annual bill savings:  $8,899
  • Estimated project costs:  $8,544
  • Estimated rebate:  $3,961
  • Estimated net cost:  $4,583
  • Estimated kWh savings:  149,729
  • Simple payback: 0.52 years