Granite County Courthouse

The Granite County courthouse, located in Philipsburg, Montana, was constructed in 1913 of brick and Montana granite. The building is three stories tall and is comprised of heavy woodwork, large wood and granite columns, a large dome with a stained glass skylight, and tile mosaic floors.

The courthouse recently completed a large lighting project, which included the replacement of old light fixtures with new energy-efficient LED fixtures. The 140 fixtures changed during the project qualified for $7,000 in utility rebates from a lighting rebate program and will result in $4,928 per year in energy bill savings. The net cost of the project was $29,835, giving the project a simple payback of about six years. Here is a quick summary of the project:

  • Annual bill savings: $4,928
  • Project cost: $36,835
  • Rebate: $7,000
  • Net cost: $29,835
  • kWh savings: 64,056
  • Simple payback: 6.05 years