Montana State Hospital Warm Springs

The Montana State Hospital Warm Springs exterior lighting consisted of a large variety of lights, including floods, yard lights, can lights, wall packs, and pole lights. A lighting project was completed replacing all of the exterior lighting with new energy-efficient LED lights. Over 280 lights were changed during this project. In addition to saving 413,920 in energy each year, the new LED fixtures provide a better quality of light and will require much less maintenance.

This project received $14,250 in utility lighting rebates. The utility rebate brought the net project cost to an estimated $116,705. The annual energy cost savings was estimated at $13,920. The simple payback of the lighting retrofit is 8.38 years, not including maintenance savings.

  • Project Cost: $130,955
  • Utility Incentives: $14,250
  • Net Cost: $116,705
  • Annual Bill Savings: $13,920
  • Annual Energy Savings: 174,008 kWh
  • Simple Payback with Energy Savings: 8.38 years