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For five years, ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture’s Voices from the Field podcast has connected experts from around the world with the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s own specialists for cutting-edge conversations about sustainable agriculture, community resilience, and local food systems. Today, the series marks a milestone, posting its 250th podcast episode: Practical Steps for Reducing Synthetic Fertilizer Use.

“ATTRA has been a leader in the sustainable-agriculture community for decades because it has been a trusted source of information from the get-go,” said NCAT Executive Director Steve Thompson. Voices from the Field continues that tradition as it reaches thousands of listeners each week.”

Voices from Field is produced by NCAT as part of ATTRA, its premier sustainable agriculture program, under a cooperative agreement with USDA Rural Development.

NCAT is a trusted, practical connector for individuals and businesses who are working to leave our world better than we found it. We do this work through a trusted knowledge base, by providing individualized technical assistance, facilitating practical solutions, and connecting people with each other to support sustainable agriculture and clean energy systems. Voices from the Field has featured such well-known experts as Fred Provenza, who reflected on the link between human health and animal health. Nicole Masters gave us the skinny on the soil microbiome. Allen Williams had a lot to say about grazing management.

Equally compelling have been the stories that farmers and ranchers from around the nation have shared with listeners about their own trials and successes – and the practical advice they have to offer as the result of that hard-earned experience. From episodes on cover crops and soil health to agrivoltaics and integrating livestock, Voices from the Field continues to spark curiosity and deliver practical information.

Whether you’re already a fan of Voices from the Field or new to the podcast, visit the ATTRA website at ATTRA.NCAT.ORG or go to your favorite podcast platform to download these conversations and subscribe to future episodes that are released each Wednesday.