What Can NCAT Do for Me?

Please let us know if we can help with any Sustainable Energy, Farm Energy, or Sustainable Agriculture needs.

Sustainable Energy Services

Residential Energy Services
Commercial/Industrial Energy Services

Dale Horton, Energy Program Manager
Energy Services

Farm Energy Services

Perform Energy Audits
NCAT’s experienced staff of engineers can perform energy audits for farm and food processing operations, reducing energy used in heating, cooling, lighting and ventilating farm buildings from dairy barns to processing sheds, as well as assessing the efficiency of irrigation systems. For example, our energy audit at Cherry Research Farm [PDF/317KB] showed how the farm could reduce its electrical costs by $6,000 per year

Write and Produce Publications and Curricula
NCAT’s writers, educators, and agriculture specialists join forces to produce farmer-friendly publications, including how-to guides on conserving energy and using renewable energy in farming operations. For example, our popular Irrigator’s Pocket Guide [PDF/2MB] has now been distributed in 15 states—30,000 copies altogether.

Administer Small Grant and Incentive Programs
NCAT designs and administers grant and incentive programs that meet the needs of utilities, agencies, and other clients: helping install solar livestock watering stations, place small-scale wind generators in rural locations, and launch on-farm renewable fuel production projects. For example, the irrigation efficiency project [PDF/237KB] that we designed and ran for NorthWestern Energy improved 88 irrigation systems over a three year period, delivering average energy savings of 40 percent.

Demonstrate Technologies
NCAT conducts on-site workshops and creates case studies, showcasing renewable energy and conservation strategies and helping these approaches win greater market acceptance. For example, our Oilseeds for the Future Project has included site visits, workshops, case studies, and a small grant program, supporting and linking innovative farmers who are making their own fuel from locally produced crops.

Create and Apply Energy Tools
NCAT’s talented team of database and website designers pride themselves on creating electronic and web-based tools that really work, demystifying the path to better energy management. For example, our Directory of Energy Alternatives offers over 1,200 links to energy-related equipment dealers, installers, and technical assistance providers.

Mike Morris, Farm Energy Project Leader
Farm Energy Services

Sustainable Agriculture Services

Train sustainable agriculture trainers
Write, produce and distribute publications
Administer small grants and incentive programs
Conduct research
Teach record-keeping for farmers
Staff help lines
Develop and present curriculum
Encourage organic program compliance

Carl Little, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Communities Program Manager

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