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The spring release of the Locavore Index shows us how strong our local food movement continues to be in the Northeast. NCAT Staff over the last few months have been meeting with farmers throughout our region. We’ve been attending conferences and speaking at meetings. Everywhere we go, we recognize that the strength in our food system comes from the uniqueness of each farm, market, and organization along the supply chain. Every unique part forms a link in building a resilient local food web that keeps us all rooted and growing strong.

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Armed to Farm NH Builds Knowledge, Comradery

Introducing new employees

by Daniel Prial,
Outreach Specialist

With a light wind blowing the American flag, 35 people lined up next to the swimming pool at East Hill Farm with Mount Monadnock standing proudly in the background. There were 28 military veterans from all over the northeast United States, plus seven NCAT staff and interns. None of them left without learning something and gaining new connections and friendships.

“Agriculture is an inevitable part of the larger dance of life – part of that complex, interdependent web of life that has evolved (and continues to evolve) over four billion years.”

Fred Kirschenmann, The Future of Agrarianism: Where are We Now? 2002 Speech

What, Pray Tell, is an Intermediated Market?

Introducing new employees

By Daniel Prial,
Outreach Specialist

Andy and Daniel have been working on a project, funded by USDA-NIFA, to help farmers scale up to intermediated markets, but what is an intermediated market? This term from the USDA is a tricky one to toss around and certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue. That being said, helping farmers reach these markets could go a long way to improving local and regional food markets.

Upcoming Events

The gang is travelling less this summer, working their farms and gardens, and staying cool while writing publications and working on projects. But, come September, there’ll be plenty of chances to see the Andy, Lee and, Daniel:

September 4-5: Daniel will be travelling down to Mississippi to collaborate with the NCAT Gulf States office and do presentations on marketing and branding for intermediated markets.

September 10-15: Andy and Daniel will be in Washington, D.C., working with the US Botanic Garden to put on Armed to Urban Farm. This Armed to Farm program helps military veterans who are interested in building or improving urban agriculture operations.

September 21-22: Andy will likely be representing NCAT’s ATTRA program at Farm Aid in Hartford, CT.

September 21-23: Daniel will likely be representing NCAT’s ATTRA program at MOFGA’s Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.

September 25-27: Daniel will be participating in Food Solutions New England’s (FSNE) Network Leadership Institute in Post Mills, VT. October 10: Andy will be presenting on harvest/postharvest handling at Heifer Ranch in Arkansas.

October 25-27: NCAT NE will be at the North East Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) conference. We’ll see you there!


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