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The Northeast NCAT team is busy in the New Year...we are spending time in Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire in the next two months.

The NCAT Northeast office…

40 Fort

has moved from our old digs at the farmhouse in Shavertown down the hill (literally 2 milessouth on Rt 309 and 350 feet lower in elevation) to the town of Forty Fort this past year. The staff is happy to provide expertise and technical information to new and established farmers and rural residents on sustainable agriculture, energy and resource management issues. In keeping with NCAT's ethos of repurposed and reusing existing buildings our new home is in a remodeled meat packing plant – you pass through the old freezer doors to get to our office!

Current projects…

that northeast staff members, Andy Pressman and Chris Lent are working on include a three year urban agriculture project surveying farmers, distributors, local food networks and technical service providers to identify unmet needs in both food production and marketing. The end goal will be to develop a "toolkit" that provides a variety of resource materials for the urban ag sector.

We also participated in…

the Carolina Farm Stewardship conference in November in Raleigh NC. Norm Conrad did two presentations – small scale poultry production and nuisance bird and fly control. Mike Morris from the NCAT Southwest office also attended and shared the new beginning farmer resource book with our Carolina project partners the Tarheel and Palmetto states.

Featured Publication this month:

Valuing Sustainable
Agricultural Practices



Have a farming of energy question? Call our ATTRA toll-free English language hotline at 800-346-9140 or the Spanish-language ATTRA hotline at 800-411-3222.

Visit the Northeast regional office at 900 Rutter Avenue, Suite 16 in Forty Fort PA 18704 Contact us at (570)587-3471.


NOFA — MASS (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Massachusetts) 26th Annual Conference January 12, 2013, Worcester State University: 486 Chandler Street Worcester, MA Featured speaker : NCAT specialist Andy Pressman speaking on "Enhancing the viability of commercial urban farms." For more information see http://www.nofamass.org/

Future Harvest CASA ( Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture) Farming for Profit & Stewardship, January 17 & 18, University Marriott Inn, College Park MD Featured speaker : NCAT specialist Chris Lent speaking on "High Tunnels for Season Extension". For more info see — http://www.futureharvestcasa.org/

NOFA-NH (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire) We are all Farmers : Seeding a common soil, Feb 1 - 2, 2014, Rundlett Middle School, 144 South Street, Concord, NH
Featured NCAT speakers : Andy Pressman — Cultivating Tool & Equipment Efficiencies & Chris Lent Energy Alternatives on Small Farms & Homestead
For more info see : http://nofanh.org/events/winter-conference/

PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) Farming for the Future Conference Feb. 7 - 8th, at The Penn Stater Conference Center,State College, PA Featured NCAT presenter Andy Pressman ; City Farming: Lowering Risks & Increasing Profits. For more info see: http://conference.pasafarming.org/

OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association) 35th Annual Conference: Affirming Our Roots, Breaking New Ground, Feb. 15 - 16, 2014, Granville High School, Granville OH.
Featured NCAT speaker : Norm Conrad — SWAT Fly Control — Sustainable with appropriate technologies. For more info see: http://www.oeffa.org/conference2014.php

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