Staff Profiles – OLD

Steve Thompson

Executive Director - Montana
Steve has over thirty years of experience in natural resource conservation, community-based climate change mitigation, journalism, and project management. A resident of Montana since 1991, he served as executive director of the Montana-based Cinnabar Foundation and was a senior program manager at the National Parks Conservation Association. He has a B.S. degree in rural sociology from Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Steve is an avid elk hunter, shallot farmer, and wild ice skater. He and his wife live in uptown Butte.

Jeff Amerman

Chief Financial Officer - Montana
Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from MT Tech of U of M. Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and has 27 years professional experience with a number of diverse business entities. These include non-profit organizations, for profit utilities, limited liability corporations, public accounting & governmental units. Jeff was most recently Finance and Budget Director for the City & County of Butte Silver Bow.

Guy K. Ames

Horticulture Specialist - Arkansas
Guy K. Ames has a BA from Texas A&M, Commerce; MS in horticulture (fruit crops and pest control in fruit crops) from University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Guy has operated Ames Orchard & Nursery, producing both fruit and fruit plants adapted to Ozark conditions, for 23 years. He has had two tenures with NCAT, once from 1989-2000 and again from 2010 to the present. He is the author, most recently, of Community Orchards.

Ann Baier

Sustainable Ag Specialist - California
Ann Baier is a UC Davis graduate with an MS in International Agriculture Development and Agronomy who has experience in providing training and education to minority and limited resource farmers. She is an inspector for the California Certified Organic Farmers and was the Executive Director of Roots and Wings, a non-profit that provides farm and garden-based education and training programs to young people.

Devona Bell

SARC Program Director - Montana
Devona Bell has worked internationally and nationally building healthy regenerative local and regional food and agricultural systems for 20+ years. Devona focuses on building local sustainable agricultural models; works to increase efficiency along entire value chains from crop production through processing and marketing; working to improve the productivity and profit margins of small-scale farmers; increasing competitiveness, service linkages and market access; as well as developing technical assistance and training programs for food hubs and organizations that focus on sustainable and regenerative food and agriculture enterprise development, social enterprise, and good food value chains. Devona has expertise in project design and management with a focus on sustainable agriculture, building local/regional food systems, natural resource management, enterprise development, and rural economic development. Devona holds a Masters in Natural Resource Policy and Administration from North Carolina and is passionate about ecologically regenerative agriculture, environmental sustainability, and the food/health nexus. Devona, and her two young daughters just moved from their farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia to Butte, Montana to join NCAT. On her farm they raised chickens, ducks, and heritage pigs for meat and eggs, as well as growing a big garden, generally too much winter squash (the great pumpkin take over!) and had a small orchard: blueberries, apples, pears, and grapes.

Felicia Bell

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Mississippi
Felicia Bell, Co-Owner of RD & S Farm, LLC along with her eldest son has been involved in agriculture all of her life. Ms. Bell was taught early in life the responsibilities of engaging and assisting your neighbor. Ms. Bell has taken her grandfather's wealth of knowledge and coupled it with her science and research background. The result is innovative farm practices conducive to small farmers like herself. She proudly continues her grandfather's legacy utilizing the components detailed below. Ms. Bell's business history includes Precious Little Angels Family Resource Center with two locations; S.J. Bell's Plumbing and Repair Service, a family business; R.D. Burnett's Baseball Park and Recreation Center, a family business; and of course RD&S Farm. RD&S Farm is multi-faceted and features natural livestock production and certified organic produce. The Mobile Farm Animal Education Center features Animal Assisted Therapy, Sustainable Agriculture Classes including the newly formed "Sustaina-Tots." Other elements include Sustainable Ag. and Sustainable Living Consultation and Installation, Barnyard Crew 4-H Club, Natural Farm Tours around the state and lastly Living Whole Natural, Traditional, and Homeopathic Wellness rendered by Ms. Felicia Bell. Ms. Bell's passion is helping others. The diversity of community farm activities yields many new business associates and clients. Her appointment as State Chairwoman of MS-NWIAA is a great opportunity to help many people at once by utilizing the ripple effect with the various programs, workshops, outreach, conference and tours that NWIAA-National Women in Agriculture Association, headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK has to offer. Ms. Bell believes that everyone deserves the option of healthy food. With the collective effort of small sustainable farmers across the country, this can become a reality while maintaining stability during the current economic hardship nationwide.

Sandra Booth

Development and Communications Director - Montana
Sandra Booth has more than 30 years of development experience in non-profit organizations. Prior to joining NCAT, Sandra worked as the Vice President for The Ophelia Project. She has also done work for Easter Seals, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Glenwood School for Boys. Sandra holds a BA in History from the University of Illinois, Urbana. Sandra joined NCAT in September 2009 and is working to promote NCAT to a variety of audiences, raising awareness of our programs and our needs, as well as raising private funds to support NCAT's efforts.

Liz Broussard

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Mississippi
Liz Broussard is NCAT's Mississippi Food Justice Project coordinator, based in our Jackson office. She will be coordinating our efforts with our Kellogg Foundation grant partners. Liz knows NCAT well, having served two years as our Mississippi FoodCorps Fellow. Most recently she served as team coordinator for Alignment Jackson, helping to leverage community resources to support Jackson public schools. Liz holds a bachelors in food and the environment and music from Cornell College in Iowa and is originally from the Northeast.

Linda Coffey

Program Specialist - Arkansas
Linda Coffey comes from a family farm in central Missouri, where they raised cattle, hogs, sheep and horses. She majored in Animal Science at the University of Missouri and enjoyed an internship at the United States Sheep Experiment Station near Dubois, Idaho; later completing a Master's in Animal Science. Linda joined NCAT in August 2000, working primarily with the ATTRA project on sheep, goat, and multispecies grazing issues.

Andrew Coggins

Rocky Mountain West Regional Director - Montana
Andrew came to NCAT in July of 2016. He has a diploma from Shuttleworth Agricultural College in Bedfordshire, UK. Prior to moving to the United States in 2014, he spent 25 years with Unilever, a global foods company. His last 10 years there included increasing involvement in biodiversity and agricultural sustainability work. His primary duties and responsibilities at NCAT will include the SIFT farm, developing new agricultural projects, budget monitoring, and expanding NCAT's outreach to surrounding states. Andrew resides in Butte, Montana with his wife and three children.

Brian Coldiron

Accountant - Montana
Brian Coldiron has joined our Butte office in the Accounting department. As an accountant, his duties will include accounts payable, vouchering, and data input into our Jamis financial software. Brian has a Bachelor's degree in Business and Information Technology from Montana Tech of the University of Montana and was employed with the Public Defenders of Montana before joining our team. In his free time, he is a bowler, averaging 200 a game. He and his wife also enjoy the outdoors, and hike, fish, mountain bike and prospect for gold. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Rex Dufour

CA Regional Director - California
Rex Dufour's background is in entomology and integrated pest management. His work experience includes managing sustainable development projects in Thailand and Laos. Mr. Dufour has worked as both project manager and program specialist for NCAT and heads NCAT's California office. In addition to the ATTRA project, he is involved in several minority farmer outreach projects.

Justin Duncan

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist - Texas
Justin has a BS in Agronomy from Prairie View A&M University, an 1890 Land Grant Institution, and an MS in Plant Breeding from Texas A&M University. He's spent years figuring out the nuts-and-bolts of successful organic farming in the humid South, concentrating mainly on sweet potatoes, strawberries, niche market ethnic crops and drought mitigation techniques. He formerly served as the Houston region director of the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and has strong rapport with organic farmers in Eastern Texas.

John English

Webmaster - Montana
John J. English joined NCAT in 2003. He graduated from the University of Montana - School of Business, and has 8 years experience in the field of Internet and Computer administration. His expertise includes website design and development, systems administration, as well as user support. He enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, fly-fishing, geocaching and of course, surfing the Internet. In fact, it's a good bet that when he is not at a computer, he will be doing something outdoors with his loved ones.

Jamie Fanous

Sustainable Ag Specialist - California
Jamie is a Sustainable Agriculture Specialist with NCAT. Jamie’s work focuses on project development, farmer outreach and education, and on-farm conservation planning with specific emphasis on improving soil health. She holds a MS in agriculture, food, and environment, and an MA in urban and environmental policy and planning from Tufts University. Jamie has experience in food system modeling, agriculture policy, soil health, water systems, and climate change mitigation.

Luke Freeman

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Arkansas
Luke Freeman has joined the Southeast regional office staff as a horticultural specialist. He will be assisting with sustainable and organic horticulture issues, high tunnels, cover crops, Armed to Farm projects, and more. Luke has a bachelor's degree in sustainable agriculture from the University of Missouri and is working on a master's degree in horticulture from the University of Arkansas. Before coming to NCAT, he worked for the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture as the horticulture program assistant under the direction of former NCAT staff member George Kuepper. He and his wife own a farm on which they raise laying hens, goats, vegetables, and cut flowers.

Martin Guerena

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist - California
Martin most recently served as the Integrated Pest Management Specialist with the city of Davis, California. He is also a licensed Pest Control Advisor and has experience as a teacher, farm manager and extension agent with the University of Arizona. Martin adds his technical writing and outreach experience to the NCAT team.

Margo Hale

Southeast Regional Office Director - Arkansas
Margo Hale serves as NCAT's Southeast Regional Office Director, overseeing outreach and projects in the region. Hale has worked extensively on risk management and beginning farmer training, training for military veterans, small ruminant production and education, and livestock production education. Margo joined NCAT in December 2003 as an Animal Science Intern, working mainly with small ruminants. Hale comes from a dairy farming background and has degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural and Extension Education from the University of Arkansas. Margo, her husband Josh, and two daughters live on a small farm in Northwest Arkansas.

Maura Henn

Farmers Market Outreach Assistant - Montana
Maura obtained a BA in English at the University of La Crosse- Wisconsin. After graduating she was the farmers market manager of the Cameron Park market in La Crosse for three years. She also worked for People's Food Co-op for fourteen years, the last as the kitchen and baking manager.

Karen Henningsen

Administrative Assistant, Receptionist - Montana
Karen joined NCAT in September 2008 after having worked at MSE as a receptionist and technical librarian.

Dale Horton

Sustainable Energy Program Specialist - Montana
As an architect and energy consultant, Dale Horton's experience has focused on integrating architecture and energy engineering to develop solutions that improve energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity in residential and commercial facilities. He joined NCAT in 1998 after 13 years as owner of a small consulting firm offering architecture, energy, and utility management services. He holds a Bachelor's of Architecture Degree from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and a Master's of Science Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana. He currently manages a range of renewable energy and energy conservation projects relating to residences, multi-family housing, businesses, and agriculture.

Tammy Howard

Horticulture Specialist - Montana
Tammy is a native Coloradoan who came to Butte, Montana, via a long stint of farming and sustainable agriculture work in New York State and Arizona. Her Bachelor's degree from Colorado State University in Horticulture Food Crops and Entomology set her on her path in agriculture. After finishing her Master's degree in Food System studies from Antioch University, she worked at Cornell University Cooperative Extension as a communications specialist in the area of sustainable agriculture and small farms. She has also worked with the Northeast Organic Farming Association and the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty on organic certification under the National Organic Program and regional food identity campaigns. At NCAT, Tammy will be drawing from her expertise to provide information and develop resources for farmers and people working with farmers through the ATTRA 1-800 line, publications, and other horticultural- related projects.

Kara Kroeger

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist - Texas
Kara became a Certified Herbalist at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical Medicine in 1999, and a Certified Nutritionist through the American Health Sciences University in 2003. Kara also began training as a chef in 2009 and has had a private chef and catering business ever since. Kara continues to passionately study agriculture and food. She received a Bachelor of General Agriculture in May of 2018 from Texas State University, and currently works to spread knowledge about sustainable agriculture to local food producers through her work at NCAT.

Jody Krzan

Administrative Support Services Director - Montana
Jody Krzan joined NCAT in 1987. Ms. Krzan has extensive experience in the area of office support services. Her responsibilities include providing organizational, administrative and clerical support to the Executive Director and other senior management staff. She coordinates all NCAT Board of Directors' meetings, travel and logistics and file records. Ms. Krzan provides support in proposal, report and contract preparation. She is also skilled in personal and business communications, supervision and departmental planning processes. Ms. Krzan is skilled in the use of several software packages, including Microsoft Office Suite and WordPerfect.

Al Kurki

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Montana
Al Kurki has an academic and professional background in community organizing, development and program evaluation. His current NCAT assignments include working for the ATTRA project on western agricultural issues, biofuels, and for the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) grants program in the areas of professional development, evaluation, communications and special projects.

Marisa Larson

Technical Writer - Montana
Marisa obtained a BA in art from BYU-I and worked as a graphic designer for Butte's local paper before following her dream of traveling the world. Lacking the funds to become a professional globetrotter, she decided to work as an English teacher in Japan for a year. One year became five. Marisa finally chose to come home to pursue a master's in technical communication from Montana Tech with her (mis)adventures in Japan serving as fuel for her passion in communication and sustainable living. After she completed her degree, Marisa found a happy home as a technical writer at NCAT.

Nathan Lewis

Web Developer - Montana
Nathan Lewis is a web developer for NCAT, based in our Butte office. He is responsible for extensive web application design, programming, and for the maintenance of multiple websites. He also develops and provides statistical analytics for all our web sites and provides web application assistance to users. He is a graduate of Colstrip high school and holds a B.S. from Montana Tech university in computer science and software engineering.

Heather Lingle

Administrative Assistant - Montana
Heather has a bachelor's in religious studies from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas, and a master's in liberal studies from St. John's College in New Mexico. A native of Texas, she has lived in Montana for 20 years, and prior to joining NCAT's team she worked for Montana State University. Heather is also a singer and musician, with three albums to her credit.

Carl Little

Deputy Director - Montana
Carl's work at NCAT focuses on sustainable agriculture and helping revitalize rural communities. He grew up on a large grain farm in Indiana and later raised dairy goats, Dexter cattle and pastured poultry on his own farm. Before joining NCAT, Carl was chief of staff for Indiana Congressman John Hostettler, a state trooper and a county prosecuting attorney in southwest Indiana. He has a B.S. from Indiana State University and a J.D. from Regent University.

Robert Maggiani

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist - Texas
Robert has a BBA and MS in Statistics, Accounting and Political Science from the University of Texas in Austin. He has a wealth of experience in agriculture from farming vegetables in Mexico to founding a farmworker cooperative in South Texas to serving as a Chief Marketing Specialist for the Texas Department of Agriculture, where he worked for almost 27 years. Robert has great experience with organic crop standards and certification as well as assisting farmers in developing new products and new markets. He speaks Spanish and has relationships with producers, organizations, retailers, wholesalers and other groups involved in Texas agriculture.

Mary Martin

Administrative Assistant - NEAR - Montana

Kei Matsunami

Local Food Specialist - Montana
Kei Received her Bachelors degree from Bates College in Environmental Studies in 2016, where she held a focus in food sovereignty and served as an intern for three separate nonprofits promoting the responsible development of New England's food systems and post-disaster rehabilitation farm sites in the Philippines. Following her graduation, she acquired two years of professional experience in sustainable agriculture and food marketing as operations manager of a sustainable ginseng cultivation and food business consulting company in the state of Vermont. She plays a lead role in managing the MT Department of Agriculture Farm to School Grant Project, as well as expanding the MT Harvest of the Month Program. Her responsibilities include implementing trainings and providing technical assistance on local food procurement to institutional food buyers with the goal of addressing food access issues through local food distribution.

Robyn Metzger

Arm to Farm Coordinator - Arkansas
Robyn Metzger attended Lyon College and has a B.A. in English. She joined NCAT in 2005 as an administrative support specialist; Robyn provides administrative and formatting support. Robyn also has a wide range of experience in desktop publishing.

Jodi Michlig

Accountant - Montana
Jodi Michlig is a graduate of Montana Tech of the University of Montana with a BS in Business Information Systems. She joined NCAT in 2002, after working for seven years with Northwestern Energy in various accounting positions.

Danielle Miska

Energy Engineer - Montana
Danielle works on the energy team performing energy audits across the state of Montana and helping with the NWE rebate programs. She has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Montana State University and an Accounting degree from Santa Clara University. She has worked with the Montana State University\'s HVAC department doing energy audits as well as designing and installing solar PV systems across Montana.

Colin Mitchell

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Texas
Colin has a bachelors in Government and a minor in Geography and the Environment from the University of Texas in Austin. He is a former Permaculture Research Institute of Australia Project Management Intern, and a PRI certified Permaculture Designer. Colin spent the years after his internship working on and managing sustainable agriculture and development projects across central Texas and the U.S.

Mike Morris

Southwest Regional Office Director - Texas
Mike Morris's work at NCAT focuses on demonstrating local and sustainable food, water, and energy alternatives, in collaboration with grassroots groups, state and federal agencies, communities, utilities, and university researchers. His current and recent projects have included "Beyond Fresh," "Soil for Water," "Is Organic Farming Risky?," "Energy Training for Agriculture Professionals," and the "Subtropical Organic Agriculture Research (SOAR) partnership." Mike currently directs NCAT's Southwest Regional Office in San Antonio, Texas, and he previously led NCAT projects in Montana, California, and North Carolina. He earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and has taught at many colleges and universities around the country.

Tracy Mumma

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Montana
Tracy Mumma joined NCAT in 1999. She holds a BA in Political Science from Principia College and a MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana. She and her family raise Katahdin sheep on a small farm powered by draft horses. Tracy administers news content for the ATTRA-National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service website, produces the Weekly Harvest e-newsletter, and works as part of the editing and production team for NCAT's sustainable agriculture publications.

Rich Myers

Editor - Montana
Richard Myers joined NCAT in 2010 as editor of the Publications Production Team. He provides editorial review for ATTRA and other NCAT publications. Myers holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration from Montana State University and a master's degree in Rhetoric (teaching writing) from Eastern Washington University. He has worked as a reporter and editor in Montana newspapers for more than 20 years and has been an adjunct writing instructor at Carroll College in Helena for nearly that long. Myers is also a musician who has sung in symphony chorales and bluegrass bands and plays guitar and a mean clawhammer banjo.

Alyssa Ness

Administrative Assistant - Montana
Alyssa is a graduate of Montana Te4ch of The University of Montana with a B.S. in Liberal Studies. She works in the NEAR office and also provides administrative support at Butte headquarters. When not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, doing the classic Montana recreation activities such as hiking, floating, and camping.

Jason Otten

IT Specialist - Montana
Jason graduated from Montana Tech with a B.S in Network Technology. While in college Jason worked for a local small business providing support for all things related to I.T. from network setup to Microsoft Active Director Administration. He also had the opportunity to work for a local utility company to help with a companywide computer refresh were he helped setup new computers and inventoried old computers for recycling. Jason deploys, maintains, and troubleshoots computers for staff. He documents and maintains inventory of computers and software. Jason also answers computer related questions that the staff might have. Jason also helps with other I.T. related tasks as needed.

Melodie Pesanti

Administrative Assistant - NEAR - Montana
Melodie Pesanti began working for NCAT in July 2002. She is working on the National Energy Assistance Referral (NEAR) Project. She has over five years of experience in customer service in the public sector.

Stacie Barry Peterson

Energy Program Director - Montana
Stacie came to NCAT after working as the project manager for the Mine Waste Technology Program at Montana Tech and as an environmental historian at Heritage Research Center. She also works as an environmental health specialist with the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department. Stacie holds a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Montana and her Bachelor's and Master's degrees are in Environmental Engineering, with an emphasis in mine waste. Her dissertation research integrated environmental science, public health, environmental history, literature, technical communications, and anthropology. Her dissertation topic was the environment, health, and culture of the Butte Superfund site. In addition to being a master gardener with the Montana State University Extension program, Stacie is inordinately fond of literature, and deeply enjoys exploring the Montana wilderness.

Nina Prater

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Arkansas
Nina Prater received her B.A. in English and Environmental Science from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY in 2004. She lived and worked in a variety of locations after that, including Vermont, Colorado, and Alaska, before settling down on a farm in Arkansas in 2007. She received her M.S. in Soil Science from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in 2012, served as an Energy Corps member in 2013, then worked for the local conservation district for 2.5 years. She, her husband, and their two children live on Cedar Creek Farm, a sustainable livestock operation.

Andy Pressman

Northeast Regional Office Director - New Hampshire
Andy has been with NCAT since 2007, helping farmers in the fields of whole-farm planning, small-scale intensive farming systems, organic crop certification, urban agriculture, and community food systems. Andy has a MS degree in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University with an emphasis in agroecology and Permaculture design. He has extensive experience in market farming and in working with appropriately-scaled tools and equipment for the small farm. Andy and his family also operate Foggy Hill Farm, a small diversified farm and CSA located in Jaffrey, NH.

Daniel Prial

Sustainable Ag Outreach Coordinator - New Hampshire
Daniel joined NCAT in 2017 as a Community Foods Outreach Specialist for NCAT\'s Northeast Regional Office. Daniel has a bachelor\'s degree in Peace and Conflict Solutions and a master\'s degree in Environmental Studies. Prior to joining NCAT, he served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, worked for the National Park Service at the home of John Muir, in CA, and started his own consulting business for community-based projects in NH. Daniel works to build connections and projects for NCAT in the local food and sustainable agriculture movements in the Northeast.

Allen Puckett

Technical Writer - Montana
Allen received his B.S. in professional and Technical Communications from Montana Tech in 2016 and an Associate of liberal Arts degree from the University of Montana, Missoula in 2013. Prior to coming to NCAT, Allen worked as a Digital Media Developer producing virtual reality content and a Social Media Manager. Allen researches low-income and energy issues, disseminates policies, procedures and technical information. He also prepares written reports and materials, develops and maintains specialized websites and assists in identifying new projects and funding sources.

Colleen Rabson

Accountant - Montana
Colleen Rabson has a B.A. in Accounting, minor Computer Science. She joined NCAT as an Accountant in 2008. Colleen has experience as a Tax Accountant, General Accountant and Nurse.

Debbie Rask

Administrative Assistant - Montana
Debbie Rask has been with NCAT since 1999. She has an Associates Degree in Computer Science. She is the Montana coordinator for production and distribution of ATTRA publications. She also coordinates travel for Montana staff.

Lee Rinehart

Sustainable Ag Specialist - New Hampshire
Lee has been writing and educating on sustainable agriculture for over 15 years, focusing on livestock, pasture, and organic certification. He has worked as an organic certification educator, a cooperative extension agent, and a cattle ranch manager. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Lee holds a BS in Animal Science and an MEd in agricultural education. He lives in Dallas, PA where he enjoys reading, writing, and sailing.

Omar Rodriguez

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist - California
After receiving his degree in International Agriculture Development from UC Davis, Omar journeyed to South America where he worked with small farmers to encourage diversification, business development, alternative technologies and reforestation. In the two years since, he's been managing several farmers' workers in the Bay Area and working on an 80 acre permaculture farm in Montana. Omar will use his skills and knowledge to reach farmers within the Latino community. Omar is fluent in Spanish.

Jeff Schahczenski

Agriculture and Natural Resource Economist - Montana
Jeff Schahczenski has expertise in organic and sustainable agriculture public policy, marketing and economics, genetically modified crops in agriculture, organic horticulture, renewable ag energy, cooperative development, sustainable building, intercultural communications and beekeeping. He was also Executive Director of both the Big Hole River Foundation and Western Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (WSAWG). He has worked with the Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO) on regional sustainable agriculture projects, has been an adjunct instructor for, the University of Montana, Western Montana College and Montana Tech, and served on several non-profit boards of directors. He built his own straw bale house and greenhouse. Before moving to Montana, Jeff worked for Rutgers University, started one of the first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms in New Jersey, received graduate degrees in agricultural economics and political science, served in the Peace Corps in Belize, Central America, and worked on his grandfather's dairy farm in his native Wisconsin.

Dave Scott

Sustainable Livestock Specialist - Montana
Dave graduated from Washington State University with a B.S. in Animal Science, Dairy Production. With his wife, he owned and operated a fifty cow dairy for 21 years, milking Guernsey and Jersey cows. The last ten years have found him running a sheep enterprise, consisting of 230 ewes on 30 acres of intensely grazed pasture. His duties at NCAT include helping small livestock producers meet their production and marketing goals through oral presentations and written publications.

Mary Anne Skuletich

Information Technology Services Director - Montana
A member of the NCAT staff for over 14 years, Mary Anne Skuletich has extensive knowledge of computer hardware, software and networking topology and protocols; including DOS, Novell, Xenix, Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems. Ms. Skuletich has held the position of NCAT's Network Administrator for the past eight years, encompassing technical support, configuration implementation and management, network monitoring, LAN hardware and applications, performance analysis, investigating and recommending solutions for enhancing reliability and future growth needs. She administers all E-mail, RAS Systems, TCP/IP and Dialup networking, telecommunications, and end-user support and training as well as database design and multimedia presentations.

Amy Smith

Graphic Artist - Montana
Amy Smith joined NCAT in December 2005. She received a Fine Arts degree from Montana State University, with a concentration in Graphic Design. Before joining NCAT, she worked in the publishing and newspaper industry for eight years doing computer graphics and production work. At NCAT, Amy designs graphics for print projects and formats publications.

Lonni Starcevich

Energy Corps Program Director - Montana
Lonni Starcevich achieved her Bachelors of Science degree in Professional and Technical Communications from Montana Tech. She has experience in a variety of fields including technical writing/editing, public relations, marketing, project management, production and coordination. Lonni is a Montana native and enjoys the outdoors. She is passionate about her community and excited to be part of such an innovative team!

Erin Steuer

LIHEAP Project Director - Montana
Erin has worked in the non-profit/public sector for 12 years where she has led efforts in project development, fundraising, outreach and evaluation. She has a master's degree in Anthropology and has taught courses in community leadership and cultural anthropology at NSU-Northern (Havre) and at the University of Montana.

Christina Stewart

Acct/HR Clerk - Montana
Christina is currently double majoring in Accounting-HR (AAS) and Business Info Systems-Management (AAS) at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. She has thirteen years of retail Management experience, ten years experience in the fitness industry, and fourteen years experience in the medical field. She is assisting HR in creating job descriptions, reviewing policy and procedure, and revising forms.

Kriss Sullivan

Director of Human Resources - Montana
Kriss has over eleven years of HR experience, most being in the non-profit sector. Kriss is also the current president of the local chapter of Society of Human Resource Managers. She has also served on its board for over 10 years. She is a graduate of Montana Tech and holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and Information Technology.

Cathlene Svejkovsky

Publications Director - Montana
Cathy Svejkovsky joined the NCAT team in 1990. She has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of publication development, including writing, research, formatting, and presentation. She currently oversees NCAT's publications department. She holds a B.S. in Technical Writing from Montana Tech.

Victorian Tilley

Energy Program Assistant - Montana
Victorian assists the Energy Programs director with community outreach, partner development, and day to day project work within the Energy services department. She also assists in coordinating the Energy Corps program and its members who serve to address community needs by promoting sustainable energy consumption and education. Victorian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion from Mississippi State University. She has spent some time as an employee on a vegetable and cut flower farm, helped coordinate youth educational gardens, and most recently served as Farm Energy Educator as part of the Americorps program. Victorian resides in Butte Montana with her partner and enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, gardening, and exploring Montana's beautiful country.

Asha Tillman

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist - Mississippi
Asha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Mississippi Valley State University and a master’s degree in animal science from Tuskegee University. She specialized in the study of small ruminants, silvopasture, and agroforestry. At NCAT, Asha will assist farmers and ranchers with technical advice on environmentally-sound agriculture practices. She is also the Coordinator for the Mississippi Food Systems Fellowship program, working with NCAT partners in the Mississippi Food Systems efforts. Asha is a native of Mississippi, and in her free time enjoys fishing and exploring new cultures.

Pam Turk-Bell

Staff Accountant - Montana
Pam Turk-Bell joined NCAT in 2008. She holds a BA in Business & Information Technology from Montana Tech and has experience in accounting and auditing in the Butte community.

John Wallace

Sustainable Ag Specialist - Montana
John studied Agricultural Economics at Colorado State University where he gained a passion for growing food locally and sustainably. John worked and lived on a a small farm in Steamboat, Colorado growing organic fruit and vegetables for Hilton Gulch Herbs before making his way to Montana.

Rock Woods

Regional Director, Gulf States Region - Mississippi
Rockiell D. Woods is the Regional Director for the new Jackson, Mississippi office. Rock is from Shaw, Mississippi. He graduated from Alcorn State University in 1999, with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Agribusiness Management and a Master's Degree in Agriculture Economics in 2013. Before coming to NCAT Rock was employed by the Alcorn State University Extension Program for eight years as the Regional Extension Coordinator (Delta Region).