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Home Energy Rater (HERS) Services

RESNET LogoNCAT is a RESNET-accredited HERS Rater Trainer Provider. In this capacity, NCAT provides the necessary training for becoming HERS Raters and ENERGY STAR for New Homes Verifiers.



Home Energy Rater Training

RESNET Rater LogoThere are two primary options available for those interested in preparing for the RESNET National HERS Rater examination. One option is to attend a week-long training at a RESNET certified HERS Rater Trainer such as NCAT. The second option is to complete an online training and then do field and software training with a HERS Rater Trainer.

The requirements for becoming a certified Home Energy Rater are:

  1. Complete HERS Training
  2. Pass the National HERS Rater Exam
  3. Complete two confirmed probationary ratings under the on-site supervision of a HERS certified Rater Trainer
  4. Complete HERS rating software training provided by a RESNET certified HERS Rater Trainer
  5. Complete three additional probationary ratings that are approved by a HERS certified Provider

Both options are discussed below:



Full-week NCAT Rater Training

This workshop is a comprehensive energy auditor training with an emphasis on new residential construction and the HERS rating process. The workshop incorporates information about how the Energy Star New Homes program is operated both nationally and in the four northwest states. This training will prepare the participant to take the tests necessary to become a certified HERS Rater, a Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes Verifier, and a Northwest Energy Star Homes Performance Tester. The training includes two confirmed probationary ratings and HERS rating software training. NCAT is a RESNET accredited HERS Rater Training Provider.

Our next Home Energy Rater and Energy Star Training is in Missoula, Montana on:
Monday, October 14, 2019 through Friday, November 18, 2019
8 AM – 5 PM

A comprehensive description as well as the necessary registration form is located here.



Online Training

Saturn Resource Management has developed an excellent online course to prepare candidates for the HERS Rater Test. After completing this online course, a candidate must still complete steps #2 through #5. A certified Rater Trainer registers a candidate for the exam. NCAT is willing to work with candidates to accomplish steps #3 and #4 by scheduling an intense two-day workshop for up to four persons. This two-day session will include an optional evening session to cover the Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes program. The cost of the two-day session will be $500 if four persons participate. If less than four persons participate in the two-day session, the cost per person will be greater. Please contact Dale Horton ( at NCAT if you are interested in participating in such a session.

Please note that the online training offered by Saturn Resource Management does not address the Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes (NWESH) program. To become certified to verify homes as a NWESH, additional program training is required.