A Plan’s the Thing: NCAT Specialists to Lead Farm Planning Workshop

A Plan’s the Thing: NCAT Specialists to Lead Farm Planning Workshop

Join NCAT Agriculture Specialists Lee Rinehart and Andy Pressman at the Kentucky State University Third Thursday Thing to learn farm planning strategies that can lower risks, increase profits, and improve production. The workshop will take place on Jan. 19 in Frankfort, KY, and will partially coincide with a workshop scheduled on growing grapes. Attendees at the farm planning workshop, which will run from noon to 3 p.m., will receive free ATTRA resources and farm planning books.

Lowering Risks and Increasing Profits for the Small Farm

Andy Pressman will lead this session on the importance of whole-farm planning as a means to lowering risks and increasing farm profits. It will use the whole-farm planning process as a tool for developing a farm business plan. Participants will learn methods for setting personal and farm goals as well as steps to guide the decision-making process. Participants will also learn about critical components in farm planning, such as understanding scales of production, market research, farm finances, and recordkeeping.

Write an Amazing Grazing Plan!

Workshop participants completing a group activity on farm planning.In this session, Lee Rinehart will teach participants how to assess their forages and match them to livestock needs. Attendees will learn which tools to use, how to plan paddocks, and how to sharpen their recordkeeping. This workshop will give farmers guidelines for writing or updating their own grazing plan with tips for adjusting to their operation’s changing needs.

More Information

KSU’s Third Thursday Thing workshops take place each month on sustainable agriculture topics. Small farmers, beginning farmers and agricultural professionals are encouraged to attend. For more information and directions to the event site, visit http://kysu.edu/academics/cafsss/research-extension/cooperative-extension/third-thursday-thing/.

For more information about ATTRA’s sustainable agriculture resources, visit https://attra.ncat.org/.

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