• Community Resiliency
  • Supporting Beginning Farmers
  • Advancing Sustainablility
  • Promoting Regenerative Agriculture

NCAT Northeast Regional Office

NCAT’s specialists in Keene, New Hampshire, provide technical assistance and educational programming to agricultural communities in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic states. Regional specialists are dedicated to:

  • Supporting regenerative agriculture in the region by helping new and established farmers utilize their talents and resources most effectively
  • Developing community-based food systems and creating new economic engines out of small and diversified farms
  • Serving those who served by creating opportunities for veterans to become successful farmers
  • Partnering with regional organizations and agencies to build resilient communities


Andy PressmanAndy Pressman
Northeast Regional Office Director


Andy has been with NCAT since 2007, helping farmers in the fields of whole-farm planning, small-scale intensive farming systems, organic crop certification, urban agriculture, and community food systems. Andy has a MS degree in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University with an emphasis in agroecology and Permaculture design. He has extensive experience in market farming and in working with appropriately-scaled tools and equipment for the small farm. Andy and his family also operate Foggy Hill Farm, a small diversified farm and CSA located in Jaffrey, NH.
Daniel PrialDaniel Prial
Community Foods Outreach Specialist


Daniel joined NCAT in 2017 as a Community Foods Outreach Specialist for NCAT’s Northeast Regional Office. Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Solutions and a master’s degree in Environmental Studies. Prior to joining NCAT, he served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, worked for the National Park Service at the home of John Muir, in CA, and started his own consulting business for community-based projects in NH. Daniel works to build connections and projects for NCAT in the local food and sustainable agriculture movements in the Northeast.
Lee ReinhartLee Rinehart
Sustainable Agriculture Specialist


Lee has been writing and educating on sustainable agriculture for over 15 years, focusing on livestock, pasture, and organic certification. He has worked as an organic certification educator, a cooperative extension agent, and a cattle ranch manager. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Lee holds a BS in Animal Science and an MEd in agricultural education. He lives in Dallas, PA where he enjoys reading, writing, and sailing.


Update On Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

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Update On Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

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Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

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Adaptive Grazing – You Can Do It
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NCAT Northeast 2019 Recap

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Re-Introducing Sustainable Agriculture

Re-Introducing Sustainable Agriculture

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