New at ATTRA: Videos on Pruning Grapes

New at ATTRA: Videos on Pruning Grapes

Have you pruned your grapevines yet?

Annual pruning is critical to healthy, productive grape vines. Growers should prune grapes in late winter or early spring before new growth begins, then return mid-season to cluster thin. In two new videos from NCAT, which are part of the High Tunnel Grape Project video series, we’ll show you how to winter prune and cluster thin your grape vines.

In the video High Tunnel Grapes — Winter Pruning, Dr. Andy Allen from Arkansas Tech University demonstrates how to winter prune table grapes using the balanced pruning method. In the video High Tunnel Grapes — Cluster Thinning, University of Arkansas graduate student Jose Hernandez demonstrates how to improve grape size and quality by selectively removing grape clusters mid-season.

You can find the pruning videos, as well as our previous videos, High Tunnel Grapes — Planting and High Tunnel Grapes — Trellising & Training, on the YouTube playlist “High Tunnel Grapes.” NCAT Horticulture Specialist Luke Freeman filmed the video series as part of a Southern SARE project in collaboration with the University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extension, and the Arkansas Grape Growers Association.

green grape cluster on vineAdditional Resources

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