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NCAT’s Annual Electronics Recycling Event

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On Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 from 10:00am to 6:00pm,

NCAT will host its annual electronics recycling event. It will be held in the parking lot on the north side of our building, located at 3040 Continental Drive in Butte. [mapX link icon]

New for 2016!

All 19″ or smaller CRT (non-flatscreen) computer monitors and TVs cost $5.00 to recycle.
• Tube TVs between 20″ – 40″ are $10 each
• Projection and Console TVs are $25 each.
All other acceptable items are free.
Please keep in mind there are some items we cannot accept, including vacuum cleaners, batteries, air conditioners and major appliances. For more information about pricing and items we cannot take, refer to the price list below or call: (406) 494-4572.

Detailed Recycling Price Guide (June 2016)

Item Cost Item Cost
15″ or Smaller CRT Monitors $5.00 MP3 Player Free
17″ CRT Monitors $5.00 Major Appliances Not Accepted
19″ or Larger CRT Monitors $5.00 Media Drives Free
Air Conditioners Not Accepted Microwave Ovens Free
Alarm Clocks/Clock Radios Free Modems (Cable & Standard) Free
Answering Machines Free Monitors, CRT type (15″ or smaller) $5.00
Appliances – Large Not Accepted Monitors, CRT type (17″) $5.00
Appliances – Small (Kitchen or Bathroom) Free Monitors, CRT type (19″ or smaller) $5.00
Bathroom Appliances Free Mouse Free
Batteries Not Accepted Movie/Slide Projectors Free
Big Screen TV’s (Projection) $25.00 Paper Shredders Free
Boomboxes Free PC’s Free
Cables & Cords Free PDA’s Free
Cable Boxes/Satellite Receivers Free Pocket Calculator Free
Calculators Free Personal Music Player Free
Calculators (Pocket) Free Power Strips Free
Camera Free Powered Subwoofers Free
Car Batteries Free Printer (Dot Matrix) Free
Car Stereos Free Printer (Laser) Free
CD Players Free Printer (Inkjet) Free
Cell Phones (including battery & charger) Free Projector (Movie/Slide) Free
Clock Radios Free Projection TV’s $25.00
Computer Speakers (per pair) Free Rechargable Batteries Free
Computer Tower (CPU) Free Record Player/Turntable Free
Console TV’s $25.00 Routers Free
Copier Combos (Scan/Print/Copy) Free Satellite Dish, Receiver Free
Cords & Cables Free Scan/Fax/Copy/Print Combo Free
Cordless Telephones Free Scanners Free
Data Switches Free Servers Free
Desktop Copiers Free Smoke Detectors Not Accepted
Drives (CD Rom, Floppy etc.) Free Speakers, Computer (per pair) Free
Dot Matrix Printers Free Speakers, Stereo (per pair) Free
DSS Satellite Dishes Free Stereo/Home Receivers Free
DVD Players Free Subwoofers Free
Fax Machines Free Surge Suppressor Free
Flatscreen Monitors Free Telephones (Desktop/Wall/Cordless) Free
Flatscreen TV’s (any size) Free Toner Cartridge Free
Flourescent Tubes/Light Bulbs Not Accepted Trackballs Free
Gamepads Free Turntables/Record Players Free
Home Stereo Speakers (per pair) Free TV (Small portable) $5.00
Home Stereos Free TV (Big Screen) $25.00
Household Batteries Not Accepted TV (Flatscreen, any size) Free
Hubs Free TV (Projection) $25.00
Ink & Toner Cartridges Free TV (19″) $5.00
Inkjet Printers Free TV (25′-27″) $10.00
Joysticks Free TV’s (32″-36″) $10.00
Keyboards Free Typewriters Free
Kitchen Appliance (Small) Free UPS Power Supplies Free
Laptop Computers Free Vacuum Cleaners Not Accepted
Laptop Docking Stations Free VCR/DVD Player Combos Free
Laser Printers Free VCR’s Free
Light Bulbs/Ballasts Not Accepted Video Cameras Free
Loose Circuit Boards Free Video Gaming System Free