NCAT Specialist Featured in Small Producer Initiative Webinar March 30

NCAT Specialist Featured in Small Producer Initiative Webinar March 30

As a part of Texas State University’s Small Producer Initiative, NCAT Poultry Specialist Kevin Ellis will be presenting a webinar on the topic of pastured poultry. The presentation serves as an introduction to raising poultry on pasture including egg-laying hens, meat-type broilers, and turkeys. Kevin will cover everything you need to get started including shelter and equipment design, nutritional needs, breed choices, and basic planning.

The webinar will run for one hour and include a question and answer session afterward. It begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 30. Click here to register for this presentation.

NCAT is partnering with Texas State as part of the university’s small producer program to help support small producers of all types, including those from groups who have historically been excluded from programs, information, funding, and land necessary for production, and those who are just beginning to produce food and fiber.

As part of the Initiative, free trainings and webinars are being offered on a variety of topics, including growing vegetables and fruits, ranching or livestock production on a small acreage, running a nursery, commodity cropping, and selling in small marketplaces. For more information about the initiative and the schedule of trainings, visit

Questions about the webinar can be directed to Kevin Ellis at or 479-575-1398 or contact Dr. Matthew Eichler at or 512-245-2115.

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