9thGradeField_Trips_april2013 Norm Conrad was one of six presenters at a recent environmental Norm Conrad talks to 9th graders education event for high school youth. Held at Winter State Park/Halfway Dam in Mifflinburg, PA, this day-long training included presentations by staff and volunteers from the state Bureau of Forestry, State Parks rangers, the local Trout Unlimited chapter, and the local Future Farmers of America. Sessions covered everything from geologic cycles in Pennsylvania to macroinvertebrates and water quality. Norm’s lecture covered water flows and pollution transfer using a ground water flow model. He demonstrated surface and ground water flows, and contaminant movement between them due to mining, drilling, dumping and groundwater pumping. His model allows him to also demonstrate forces such as water pressure and vadose zone fluctuation. This is a school-district-wide event and students must write a report about the presentations. Norm reports that this is an excellent opportunity to raise our public profile and influence future consumers. Good work, sir!

Congratulations to members of the Energy Services team for their great work with the city of Billings, MT, that reduces energy usage in city facilities. Thanks to our staff, and a team of individuals from the city, NorthWestern Energy, McKinstry Essention, Inc., and DNV KEMA, these high-efficiency lighting design projects have reduced the monthly energy demand by 242 kilowatts (kW) and save over 2.589 million kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, an amount roughly equal to the average electric NorthWestern Energy & City of Billings usage of 3,450 homes for a month. The city installed energy-efficient lighting and controls in two parking garages, the Logan International Airport terminal and the ARFF (Operations) buildings, with more work to be done at City Hall. Thousands of pieces of energy-saving equipment, including T5 fluorescent lights, electronic ballasts, hard-wired CFL fixtures and occupancy/daylight sensors, were installed. In exchange, the city was awarded $361,431 in rebates from NorthWestern Energy and an additional $161,316 in rebate funds will be awarded when the city hall work is completed. Two more projects, involving the library and another parking garage, are in the works. Kudos to all involved, including staff Dave Houser, Brittany Lynch, David Lynch, Mike Babineaux, Doug Porter, Hal Hubber, Stacie Barry Peterson, and Sandra Anderson and interns Mitch Deplazes and Krystal Kleitz. Read the full press release here:

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