Marketing and Record Keeping Essentials Workshop at Soil Born Farm Oct 23, 2013


NCAT Agricultural Specialist Marisa Alcorta will present a “Marketing and Record Keeping Essentials” workshop as part of Soil Born Farm’s  Grow Your Own Groceries series. Grow Your Own Groceries, launched this past spring, is a series of 3-hour workshops geared towards training the aspiring urban farmer.  Instructors are experienced in organic agriculture and experts in farm entrepreneurship. Small class sizes (16-20 people) allow for discussion and interaction between students and the instructors. Soil Born Farm, located in Sacramento, CA, works to reconnect communities with their food systems and promote farmer education. Their mission is to support organic farmers, community agricultural education, and food accessibility for those who are food insecure.

This workshop event has been in part organized by California Farm Link, which provides loans, farm business development and education to underserved, beginning and experienced farmers.

Class Description: In order to successfully market their products it is important for farmers to understand the different direct and indirect marketing options available to them, conduct market assessments, have a sense of the existing competition and have a communication plan to effectively reach these markets. Effective financial record keeping is necessary in order to track production and profit trends for different products and markets. Learn both indispensible skills in this course. Please see the website for more information.

Title: Soil Born: Grow Your Groceries Series – Marketing & Record Keeping Class

Date: October 23, 2013

Time 5:30pm-8:30pm

Location: American River Ranch

Cost: $40.00

Registration: Click Here



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