Join Our Wholesale Readiness Trainings in Texas

Join Our Wholesale Readiness Trainings in Texas

NCAT and The Common Market Texas are seeking produce growers looking to prepare for and succeed in selling to wholesale markets. The Common Market, originally started in Philadelphia, is a “nonprofit regional food distributor with a mission to connect communities with good food from sustainable family farms.” Common Market has recently expanded to Houston. NCAT sustainable agriculture specialists Robert Maggiani, Kara Kroeger, and Colin Mitchell will be holding a year-long training series to help Texas farmers become GAP certified and wholesale ready. Farmers who go through our training will have the ability to sell to large retailers like The Common Market, HEB, and Whole Foods.

This training series, which will start in June 2019, will cover a range of topics that will open new business opportunities and help the viability of your farm, including:

  • Wholesale Readiness: Learn about the production and packaging practices you can adopt to successfully work with restaurants and other wholesale buyers or distributors such as The Common Market.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Ensure you have the highest quality products and marketability by using growing methods that are increasingly sought after by consumers.
  • Food Safety and GAP: Get trained on and meet the on-farm requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act and receive one-on-one support to pass a GAP audit. Committed participants will receive financial assistance for their first GAP audits.
  • Production and Financial Planning: Understand best practices for running a profitable farm that operates as smoothly as possible throughout the growing season.


Here is the complete schedule for the training series:


We are excited to bring these trainings to Texas farmers and to help them grow successfully. There will be four training sessions total. Trainings will be held in the Rio Grande Valley and Central Texas so plan to attend which location is more convenient to you. The total cost of the training series is $80, which includes beverages, lunches, and snacks. The training itself is free, payment is only required for food and beverages.  For more information or to sign up, contact: Robert Maggiani at or (866) 319-1669 or Kara Kroeger at

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