It’s Giving Tuesday

If you are on a limited income, like Jack and Eva, a 10% saving in your energy bill can mean the difference in having enough money for food, or medicine, or other necessities.
It doesn’t always take much to have a big impact. A residential weatherization kit – one with low-flow faucets and shower heads, window plastic, door sweeps and CFLs – can help reduce energy bills by 10% or more, and cut actual energy usage by 25%. Jack and Eva could not afford to buy any of these energy saving items. And even if they could buy the plastics and weather stripping, Jack’s arthritis keeps him from being very handy with home maintenance. They are also worried that their fixed incomes will not cover the rising cost of heat and electricity in their older home. We are working every day to help low-income and disadvantaged people like Jack and Eva. Our services help people overcome difficulties so they are warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

Through our Energy Corps AmeriCorps program, we are tackling the energy needs of low-income and other disadvantaged groups at the grassroots level. You can help us serve low-income and tribal communities this winter. We put Energy Corps members in the field to perform hands-on weatherization activities that save Jack and Eva, and hundreds of others, money and reduce their energy usage. Our members also educate these individuals about other energy-saving techniques that can reduce their utility bills, freeing up their limited income for food and other necessities. These weatherization efforts can help families save on their energy bills, reduce their usage, and increase financial security.
This GivingTuesday, we are seeking $2,500 to enhance our weatherization efforts. We will use the money to buy weatherization kits for 100 homes and cover the expenses for our members to travel to tribal communities where the need for assistance is greatest. These are simple measures, but so effective- -and so critical this winter, which is already upon us and already causing heating costs to rise.

At the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), we have been working for nearly 40 years to help low-income families and promote sustainable energy practices through programs such as this. We are helping people adopt small-scale, local and sustainable solutions that reduce poverty, promote healthy communities, and protect natural resources. In partnership with many other organizations, NCAT is working to advance solutions that will ensure the next generation inherits a world that has clean air and water, energy production that is efficient and renewable, and healthy foods grown with sustainable practices.

Visit to make your gift today, and give the gift of a warmer, more comfortable winter to these families.