Gulf States Staff Strut Stuff at Holmes Field Day


Staff members of the NCAT Gulf States Office were in full attendance at the monthly Holmes County (MS) Alliance for Sustainable Production Field Day on Sept. 20.

Featured presenter was Dr. Bill Evans, an assistant research professor at the Mississippi State University Truck Crop Experiment Station at Crystal Springs, who gave a demonstration on growing fall crops. The 35 or so people in attendance were invited to help plant greens at the Alliance’s demonstration farm, owned by Mattie Mae Coleman, where the field day was held.

A few photos:

Holmes County Field Day

NCAT Gulf States Regional Director Rockiell Woods displays his fine, one-handed form in guiding a roto tiller, showing that a rear-tine tiller can be operated with one hand, just like in the ads on TV!

Rough furrow

Ooops! Woods demonstrates that guiding a tiller one-handed is not recommended! A person could actually stumble while not using both hands. Thanks, Rock, for that demonstration!


Gulf States Ag Specialist Felicia Bell demonstrates that she has lots of tiller expertise. As a small farm owner, Bell has logged many an hour tilling a field.

With Dr. Evans

Bell confers with Dr. Bill Evans of Mississippi State University about seed planting.

The Gulf States Office enjoys attending (and presenting) field days demonstrating sustainable agricultural techniques and information. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if interested, or if you have an event that would lend itself to agricultural information dissemination or expertise. Phone toll-free: (866) 643-2767.





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