Feasibility Study for a Texas Organic Food Hub is out!

After a year of research, NCAT staff members Robert Maggiani and Mike Morris have completed their long-awaited Feasibility Study for a Texas Organic Food Hub, as well as an accompanying Food Hub Planning Workbook that can be used by food hub planners and organizers to forecast the financial performance of an existing or hypothetical food hub.

Texas consumers currently spend at least $365 million per year on organic produce at the state’s grocery stores (equivalent to one million dollars per day), and only a minuscule percentage of this is grown in Texas. A statewide Texas organic food hub would aggregate fresh certified organic produce from small- to mid-sized farms, making it conveniently available from a single source and at volumes large enough to be attractive to retailers.

The report concludes that such a statewide organic food hub is technically and financially feasible in Texas, and makes many recommendations for how such an enterprise could be started and run profitably.

The report and Food Hub Planning Workbook are both available here, on NCAT’s ATTRA website.

Funding was provided by the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program of USDA Rural Development, award number 49-015-752017047.

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