Energy Services Helps College With Lighting

Energy Services Helps College With Lighting

A crew of NCAT energy engineers, program specialists, and Energy Corps AmeriCorps members headed to the University of Montana Western campus in Dillon, Montana, recently to conduct a campus-wide audit of lighting.  The team members assessed interior and exterior lighting in more than 20 buildings and common areas. The goal of the project is to convert all existing lighting to all LEDs, which will result in significant energy and cost savings for the school, while providing a better quality of light for years to come.

NCAT’s partners on the project include the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) energy program, the Montana Resource Efficiency Program, and the Business Partners program of NorthWestern Energy.

“This project will re-light the UM Western campus with quality lighting that will reduce the energy usage of the lights by over half,” said Stacie Barry Peterson, NCAT’s director of energy services and team leader of the NCAT group. “In addition to a large reduction in energy costs, the project will include rebates from NorthWestern Energy that should bring the project costs to a less than five-year payback.”

In addition to Stacie, NCAT team members include Megan Aniss, Emily Caponi, Alison Lunde, Emilia Emerson, Danielle Miska, Tristan Payne, Debbie Rask, Cathy Svejkovsky, and Shyla Wesley. David LeMeiux of the DEQ energy program also joined the team.

For more information about NCAT’s energy services program and how it could assist your business or organization, contact Stacie at or call 406-494-4572.

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