• 2015 Latino Farmer Conference Planning Staff: Rex Dufour NCAT/ATTRA, Christine Chavez USDA/NRCS, Thea Rittenhouse NCAT/ATTRA, Victor Hernandez USDA/ NRCS

  • CA organic farmer Chris Hay discusses a hedgerow planting that NCAT-CA and NRCS staff helped to plant. This tour was a part of the 2016 California Small Farm Conference.

  • California specialists Ann Baier and Pamela Wolfe provide technical assistance and resources for farmers at the 2015 Latino Farmer Conference in Fresno, Ca

  • Rex and Clover (Say Hay farm dog) inspecting leafy veggies for thrips, aphids, loopers and bagrada bug

  • NCAT California Staff: Ann Baier, Pamela Wolfe, Thea Rittenhouse, and Rex Dufour

  • Flowers blooming in early April in a Conservation Cover Crop with 18 species of native flowers at Say Hay Farm in Esparto, California

  • NCAT specialist Rex Dufour leads a workshop about conservation best practices for Sacramento County

NCAT Western Regional Office


Contact NCAT’s California Office

36355 Russell Blvd.
PO Box 2218
Davis, CA 95617
800-411-3222 (Spanish Toll Free Hotline)


NCAT’s California office is located at the historic Glide Ranch in Davis, with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers. The California office helps NCAT to meet the needs of a large and diverse agricultural community. It serves as a hub for NCAT’s work with immigrant and Spanish-speaking farmers.

NCAT collaborates with many government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the region, offering training on transitioning to organic agriculture, direct marketing, and other sustainable agriculture topics.

The NCAT/ATTRA California office has three staff members, all with different areas of expertise to assist farmers and ranchers throughout California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and Arizona. The office is located in Davis, California, near the state capital of Sacramento. The specialists focus on training, technical assistance, and support related to sustainable agriculture production. They provide individual assistance to farmers and ranchers on a variety of topics. Whether you are a farmer wanting to transition to organic farming, develop a marketing plan for your new farm business, integrate livestock or poultry into your farm business, need someone to decipher your soil test, find out about USDA cost share programs, need assistance with implementing CAP 138 plans, or someone to give advice on your cover crop rotation… we are here to help! Call our office at 530-792-7338 or email us at the contacts listed below.


Current Grant Projects

USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Grant (https://growingroots.berkeley.edu/ ) (2015-2017)
On-Farm Conservation Best Management Practices for Sacramento County Underserved Farmers (2016)
Recent ATTRA Publications written by California staff:
National Organic Program (NOP) Sound and Sensible Tipsheets.




Rex Dufour:

Western Regional Director
Rex Dufour has been with NCAT since 1994, and opened the California office for NCAT in 2001. The focus of his work is training agriculture professionals on organic practices and certification, ecological pest management, ecological soil management, and on-farm beneficial habitat. He has been trained by the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA)as an organic crop inspector, and is registered with Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) in California and Nevada. Rex can speak Lao and Thai.

Thea Rittenhouse:

Thea Rittenhouse is a Sustainable Agriculture Specialist with NCAT and an organic vegetable and fruit farmer near Davis, California. Her areas of expertise include small farm business planning, direct marketing, organic certification and recordkeeping, organic vegetable and berry production, small orchard management, urban agriculture, school gardens, and farm to school programs. She also has experience in designing food system assessments and community food security assessments. She provides technical assistance, training, and workshops for farmers on these topics. In 2015, she completed the IOIA Organic Inspector Training in Crop Production and will become an organic inspector over the coming years. She is fluent in Spanish.

Omar Rodriguez:

After receiving his degree in International Agriculture Development from UC Davis, Omar journeyed to South America where he worked with small farmers to encourage diversification, business development, alternative technologies and reforestation. In the two years since, he’s been managing several farmers’ workers in the Bay Area and working on an 80 acre permaculture farm in Montana. Omar will use his skills and knowledge to reach farmers within the Latino community. Omar is fluent in Spanish.



Martin Guerena:

Martin most recently served as the Integrated Pest Management Specialist with the city of Davis, California. He is also a licensed Pest Control Advisor and has experience as a teacher, farm manager and extension agent with the University of Arizona. Martin adds his technical writing and outreach experience to the NCAT team.



A look back at the California Armed to Farm 2018

We finally did it! We brought NCAT’s Armed to Farm (ATF) training to California. The first California Armed to Farm training was host to 27 individual beginning farmers representing all branches of the military. Some came from as far away as Arizona and Washington in their efforts to bridge the gap between the military service… Continue Reading

Cover Crop for Nematode Management

Many natural systems benefit from complexity. When natural processes are mimicked within a cropping system and are allowed to adapt and grow in concert with present and introduced species, efficiency among species are often a resulting benefit. Take the experience of farmer Daniel Unruh, who specializes in the production of walnuts. His orchard floors can… Continue Reading

Applied IPM for Two-Spotted Spider Mite

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SAVE The Date! 3rd Annual Latino Farmer Conference

The 3rd Annual Latino Farmer Conference will be held Tuesday, November 7, 2017, in Palm Desert, California.  NCAT and NRCS are excited to hold this unique event in Southern California, and we look forward to seeing you there!  Please check our Facebook page and website  for more details as they become available. Continue Reading

California Office Summer Workshops and Latino Farmer Conference

NCAT  agriculture specialists Pame Wolfe and Thea Rittenhouse co-taught a workshop in August about organic certification for crops and livestock at the Center for Land Based Learning in Winters, CA. Approximately 20 beginning farmer apprentices learned how to become a certified organic farm operation. This workshop was taught as a component of the Growing Roots Project,… Continue Reading

NCAT on the Farm!

May is always the beginning of the farm season in Northern California. NCAT tries to visit different farms this time of the year to provide technical assistance and training for many different types of farmers. These visits help us understand more and learn about current trends in sustainable agriculture. Recently, Pamela Wolfe, NCAT livestock specialist,… Continue Reading

USDA Beginning Farmer/Rancher Development Grant gets “Growing”!

The NCAT western regional office is currently working on USDA funded Beginning Farmer/Rancher Development grant titled, “ Growing Roots”, a collaborative effort among 5 partner organizations to increase networking among beginning farmers and ranchers and to offer training and technical assistance at 12 “agricultural learning hub” locations. Over the course of the next two years,… Continue Reading

USDA-Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Project

USDA-Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Project NCAT is working in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley and other partners on a USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Project (BFRDP). This summer we have been organizing and planning many different workshops throughout Northern California and the Bay Area, along with providing technical assistance and training… Continue Reading

A Message From The Western Regional Office Director Rex Dufour

It’s always busy in NCAT’s Western Regional office, but spring and summer are perhaps busier times because farmers are preparing to plant, planting, and then managing their crops in the fourth year of drought in California. We provide information about how to deal with these challenging circumstances through workshops, free phone consultation, and the ATTRA website.… Continue Reading