California Healthy Soils Incentives Program: Application deadline-March 8, 2019

From cover crops to residue and tillage management, the Healthy Soils Incentives Program by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) provides funds for farmers and ranchers to implement farming practices with the aims of building organic soil carbon and reducing atmospheric greenhouse gasses. There are over 25 eligible practices to choose from and farmers are eligible to apply for up to $75,000 over three years per farm.

Here in NCAT’s Western office, we are partnering with the CDFA for the second year now to provide technical assistance to farmers interested in the program. We are available to worth with interested farmers and help guide them through the application process.

Last year NCAT staff helped several farmers secure funding through this program. The projects implemented were specific to the individual farmer needs and desires. Cover cropping, compost application, and hedgerows were among the more popular practices for which funds were requested and which the farmers are working to implement. All of the farmers we worked with speak highly of the program and are happy to be able to experiment with new practices that have the potential to help their bottom line and promote sustainable farming practices.

To learn more visit the CDFA website: or call us at 530-792-7338.

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