Authors Quinn and Carlisle Speak at NCAT

Authors Quinn and Carlisle Speak at NCAT

Bob Quinn calls himself the “green economy cowboy.” On Earth Day, the organic agriculture innovator and sustainable energy entrepreneur stopped by NCAT’s Butte, Montana, headquarters to talk with staff and community members about his new book, Grain by Grain.

His co-author, Liz Carlisle, also made the trip to NCAT. She’s a professor at Stanford University’s School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, and may be best known for her Montana Book Award winner, Lentil Underground.

Bob’s farm is near Big Sandy, Montana, and he has a long history in organic agriculture, including as one of the original members of the National Organic Standards Board.

He also developed the multimillion dollar heirloom grain company, Kamut International, and was one of the developers of Montana’s first wind farm — Judith Gap Wind Energy Center between Harlowton and Judith Gap, Montana.

Grain by Grain tells Bob’s story and his take on how the country’s food system affects the larger society – from climate change to the health of the agricultural economy and everything in between.

“We think these things (issues) can be reversed by tying, retying, and reconnecting foods to nutrition. Those have been really separated for some time now,” Quinn said in an interview with the Montana Standard newspaper. “Healthy foods come from healthy soils, and healthy soils are at the heart of sustainable, regenerative organic systems, and so we think that can be a big answer.”

You can read the full Montana Standard interview with Bob and Liz  here.

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