Ann Baier Champions NCAT and Small Farmers

Congratulations to Ann Baier, NCAT Program Specialist, who was invited to talk with Food Chain Radio’s host, Michael Olson, on Good Morning Monterey earlier this week. Ann is a UC Davis graduate with a masters degree in international agriculture development and agronomy. She has experience in providing training and education to minority and limited resource farmers, both in the United States and abroad. She spoke about NCAT’s mission and the significance that ATTRA and NCAT both have in helping farmers learn sustainable production techniques and improve their businesses, and also took time to promote NCAT’s Farm Marketing Workshop that will be happening on January 16th in Salinas, CA.  This bilingual workshop in English and Spanish will focus on helping farmers understand how to develop a marketing strategy, and help them prepare promotional materials that they will use when meeting potential buyers. Participants will spend time actually designing and developing promotional materials such as labels, business cards, bar codes, and product availability lists. Participants will leave with a biographical sketch of their farm that they can turn into a flyer or a brochure.

To listen to the podcast visit KSCO News Talk Radio: Good Morning Monterey, and scroll to Good Morning Monterey Bay from Jan 13th, 2014. The interview with Ann begins around the 147:00 mark.

For more information about the Farm Marketing Workshop, contact Ann Baier at 831-475-5551, or email

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