Alert Farmers: Bagrada Bug Comes to Yolo County!

The Bagrada Bug, a pest that arrived in Southern California sometime in 2008, is now in Yolo County.  An infestation was found in Esparto in August, 2014. Watch a short clip of the Bagrada Bug

The Bragada bug feeding on the crucifer shoot. Photo Credit: Rex Dufour
The Bagrada bug feeding on the crucifer shoot.Click to enlarge.  Photo Credit: Rex Dufour

This pest is a member of the stink bug family, although typically is about half the size, or smaller, than a stink bug.  It’s originally from southern Africa.  It has a wide host range, but seems to prefer feeding on crucifers.  It’s a sucking insect and its damage is a series of chlorotic spots on leaves (see the pictures of the bug).

A wider angle of the Bragada Bug shown eating away at crops.
A wider angle of the Bagrada Bug shown eating away at crops.  Click to enlarge. Photo Credit: Rex Dufour

Most stinkbugs’ egg masses are barrel shaped and laid in groups of a dozen or more.  The Bagrada bugs’ eggs may be laid singly, or in smaller, dispersed bunches, and are rounder and less barrel-shaped than is typical of stink bug eggs.  They will generally lay eggs on leaves, but unlike most stinkbugs, will also lay eggs in the soil.

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