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Since 1976 NCAT has provided relevant information, individualized technical assistance and in-depth resources to support sustainable agriculture and accessible energy solutions.


NCAT’s trusted knowledgebase provides scalable solutions to strengthen self-reliance, reduce poverty, and protect natural resources. NCAT is all solutions, not sensation.


NCAT facilitates meaningful connections among sustainable agriculture producers, renewable energy experts, innovators, researchers, and industry professionals. Our role as a connector results in valuable networks and lasting change.

Sarah Speare holds packages of Tootie's Tempeh

Connecting a Tempeh Producer and Northeast Health Care Groups to Get Local Protein in Hospitals

The word soybeans might conjure up pictures of fields with rows upon rows of the popular commodity crop. But for Sarah Speare, a founder of Tootie’s Tempeh in Biddeford, Maine, soybeans are the protein in a traditional meat substitute that…

“That’s the one thing I always tell veterans: no matter what’s going on, there’s always hope.”

In NCAT’s new short film, “Armed to Farm Stories: Sara Creech,” we hear from one farmer veteran who overcame trauma and loss through organic farming. Sara Creech shares how attending NCAT’s Armed to Farm program in 2013 empowered her not only to pursue farming but also to help other farmer veterans. For more information about NCAT’s sustainable agriculture training program for military veterans, visit ARMEDTOFARM.ORG.

Armed to Farm blew me away. Two years into my own agricultural business and I still reflect on the immersive experience as a highlight. The combination of in-field and in-class activities kept me engaged and paved the way. I would highly recommend the program to any veteran who is looking to turn their passion into a successful business.

“NCAT’s ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture program influenced a whole livestock industry in the U.S. to rethink how they were managing their livestock in a way that regenerates the soil.” 

“When it comes to energy professionals, NCAT is on speed dial. NCAT helped us every
step of the way in creating an energy efficiency grant program in Montana.”

“NCAT’s Soil for Water program offers a chance to learn new things and to apply it to your land and to improve.” 

“The Armed to Farm program is THE reason I was able to get started in farming. The opportunity to connect with other veterans and support each other’s dreams was life changing. The education and support from NCAT/ATTRA guided me through starting a profitable farm that fuels my newfound passion for farming.” 

“The thing that really makes Armed to Farm better than the rest is that it’s the complete package. They do a really good job of presenting a lot of information and resources in a short amount of time while also creating interface time with local veteran farmers. Being able to go for free and learn as a veteran getting into agriculture – that’s just absolutely invaluable.” 

Biochar Is Key to Cascading Benefits in Innovative Carbon Chicken Project

Fifth-generation Arkansas farmer Jody Hardin was introduced to a potentially game-changing soil additive through a USDA Conservation Innovation Grant in 2011. That’s when Hardin began studying biochar—a charcoal-like material that can be…
Two women shaking hands while standing in a field with cattle.
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Organic Transition Training Coming to Great Falls

Stipends Available for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers to Attend The National Center for Appropriate Technology, along with nationally recognized organic leaders, will offer an Organic Academy Road Show (OARS) training at the Mansfield Convention…
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Cotton and Wool Producers Invited to Apply to Climate Beneficial Fiber Program

Provides technical assistance and direct payments to producers.  Cotton and wool producers in the states of California, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming are invited to apply to the new…

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