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Cover Crop Farm Tour Registration

Photo courtesy of USDA

Photo courtesy of USDA

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), the Montana Organic Association, the NRCS and Montana Farmers Union have been working together on a USDA Risk Management Agency supported project to explore cover cropping and crop insurance issues. As part of that project there will be four farm tours being offered.

If you are interested in attending these farm tours please pre-register by filling out the registration form below.
We will then send you details later. If you have other questions, please contact:

Jeff Schahczenski

Thank you.

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COMPLETE || June 13, 2014 – A farm tour and workshop at Vilicus farm, Doug and Anna Jones-Crabtree near Havre, Montana.

COMPLETE || July 8, 2014 – A farm tour and workshop near Conrad, MT with Dr. Clain Jones, which will explore a longer-term on-farm research project related to cover cropping.

August 16, 2014 – A farm tour and workshop in Whitefish, Montana, at Terrapin Farm, which is owned and operated by Judy Owsowitz, a long-time organic producer who has extensive knowledge of cover cropping in diverse vegetable production systems.

COMPLETE || July 16, 2014 – A farm tour and workshop in Toole County with mixed livestock and small grain grower Griff Bye, who is developing a unique cover cropping and livestock system.

COMPLETE || July 11, 2014 – A farm tour at Robert Quinn Farm 13 miles SE Big Sandy. Topics include, how organic grain systems work, 9-year rotation and experiments with new varieties of wheat and alternative crops including dryland vegetables, an orchard on the prairie and raising safflower for food and fuel. Also, RSVP to Andre’ Giles or Eldon Pfile at Montana Flour and Grain – (406) 622-5436 or or


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